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Hey, thanks for stopping by.

My name is Henry and I love making things better.

Ever since I can remember, this has always been what has gotten me the most excited at the core of all my actions – simply making things better.

That means making myself better first and foremost so I’m a big fan of personal improvement.

This also extends to family members, employees, vendors, partners and clients.

Even trying to be a positive, good influence when purchasing something at a retail establishment! (Especially during these crazy times)

And, obviously, that extends in maybe having a small role in making your business, family and life better.

There’s a great Japanese work that really summarizes a lot of this type of thinking…

It’s always good to know what people value in their life.

After several decades of deliberation, I’ve finalized that my priorities in life, in order of importance, are

1) Faith
2) Health 
3) Family
4) Business 
5) Charity


They’re all important, but I find if I start at the top of the list, it makes things a wee bit easier.

Let’s go back a few years.

To my very first job.

That was working for none only then the oracle of Omaha, Mr. Warren Buffett.

My first “boss” at the Buffalo Evening News

Back when I was quite a bit younger, 14 years old in fact, I had my very first job. I worked as a paperboy for the Buffalo Evening News.

Little did I realize at the time that the company was owned by none other than Mr. Warren Buffet. Now I didn’t have any meetings, nor get personally mentored by Mr. Buffet, but I’ve always studied his value investing philosophy and enjoyed what he stands for.

My first real jobs after attending the University of Iowa were in commercial real estate both in Iowa, Denver, Colorado and finally in San Diego.

I’ve being a landlord several times and am always looking for new ideas.

After many successful years in real estate, I made the transition to high tech in 1999 after meeting my wife-to-be.

Back in 2008 I wanted to leave the corporate world and became partners in, an online business.

I have quite a few hobbies, mostly sports related, but also my big one is everything about marketing, sales and business. I’m also especially interested in SaaS companies and have worked with over the past 3 years which is an amazing SaaS company.

I also like investing as well in really cool companies, I especially like women entrepreneurial founders and helping them grow – Jill Addison, founder of and Chrissy McDannell, serial entrepreneur and currently founder of

I always try to humanize and simplify everything I touch. One of my favorite sayings is OK, now explain it like you’re talking to a 4th grader! Which, not coincidentally, is the age of most readers. (OK, 7th grade maybe, but same point applies!)

Something I have a gift for is making complex things easy to understand, easy to digest, and even fun.

I’m super positive 98% of the time and love working with entrepreneurs.

Click here for some of the clients I’ve worked with through the years.

Really, I love to make people laugh and have a deadpan sense of humor. So in anything I do, rest assured I’ll try to make you smile and feel better.

And I’m big on visuals – making it visual makes it real! Believe in the hand-written thank you note. And keep every one I’ve ever been sent as well!

A lot of my time over the past few years has been helping small business owner entrepreneurs achieve more in less time with marketing & sales systems.

I’ve put in over 10,000 hours helping drive business results. And have personally mentored over 5,000 business owners in-person who have come to my marketing summits and been a part of my coaching programs.


Who is Henry J. Evans?

But for sure, I know that I’m…

  • Constantly trying to put my faith first in my life and always do the right thing in
  • Very health conscious as I get older and wiser – currently I’m about 90% vegan and 98% vegetarian… and working hard to make that even more
  • Lover of intermittent fasting as it helped me drop nearly 30 pounds of fat after my mother passed to heaven in 2019
  • Family guy – I have 2 wonderful teenage girls and a fantastic wife of nearly 20 years
  • Lover of small business owners – specifically helping them with marketing, sales, growth, operations, and customer success
  • Believer in the dream of business owners trying to make a better life for themselves and their customers
  • Always wanting to give back and help others, especially small business owners

I have 2 main branches of work I do with small business owners:

  • Optimistic Business Mentoring, focused primarily in SaaS
  • Investing in small businesses

(These two often go hand-in-hand)


(Scroll down for Personal Mentoring Info)

Most of my business clients are current business owners doing anywhere from $100,000/yr in revenue up to $20 million/yr in revenue. Most of my business clients are entrepreneurs, and heartfelt service professionals wanting to grow and expand by building on what they already have going.

Brand-new start-ups are not my speciality (although I can probably help).

Taking existing revenue businesses and helping them grow dramatically, that’s my speciality! 

Some entrepreneur clients have called me the most positive person they’ve met.

Well, I’m definitely optimistic but also very realistic and have a great ability to deal with reality.

Do your core metrics make sense? Is there demand?

Having learned this the hard way for both myself and entrepreneur clients, I now run every potential client, partner or consulting arrangement thru my Triple-Double Business Blueprint to make sure I can help.

Most entrepreneurs I work with want to do something special and give back as well.

If interested, please email for an information package —>

My Promise:

Well, one of my first marketing mentors, Dan Kennedy, always said that he was the No BS guy – and I’m kind of the same! I’ll tell you how it is, without sugar-coating anything. Sometimes it makes for some ‘tough love’ but you’ll always know I have your best interests at heart!

This lift is short.

Very short.

And you’re going to spend a % of your life doing some type of work. Let’s make sure it empowers you and puts you on the right path.


  1. Really look at their numbers – you need a business dashboard and KPI’s because what is measured, can be improved.
  2. Think bigger. Why not 2x, 5x or 10x your business? Know that Elon Musk guy? Yep, why not think so big that your primary driver is helping our species become multi-planetary? (Makes just a simple doubling of your profits and time-off seem easy, eh? 🙂
  3. See yourself as completely forgiven for what you’ve done in your past.
  4. Get the RIGHT business skills.

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